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rooster crow nails

October 2011

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rooster crow nails

What time is it?

Sorry, no, its not adventure time. Looks like its...

... Art time!

By the way, the shark monster is called a wolfsame. Its an adoptable I got from DA several months ago, and this pic is one of the two I made in order to secure one. I ultimately used the other picture, which is on Artician. Because, well, look at its face. Hurrr

Anyway, I hope you don't mind viewing some of my reject pictures I never finished in this cut. They are all older, from several months old to perhaps over a year. I also included several art dumps of quick sketches and other boredoodles, because they're probably never going to be completed and will just go to waste. At least this way you'll get a laugh out of them, since my "style" consists of a series of wonky, undisciplined tablet strikes, pugly faces and very suspect anatomy. Have fun!

right click > view image in Firefox to view full size, or get the direct link to the image by right clicking and going to properties.

First image is a nameless Thira, a species I made up for a comic book project that has been put on the backburner for other things. Unfortunately, he turned out looking like a demonoid hellbeast with a penchant for Native American folk-crafts, which really was not what I was going for. This was an experimental practice run to try making a fully colored and inked image in the style of the comic, but eh. Not so much. Never finished it, was going to do harder cell-shading.

Same as above, though this is Ore, one of the main characters in the story. So much wonk. Never finished this one either.

This was a Lukos character for the comic I was developing, he was going to be the main character's loyal companion.


I made up a dog character some months ago, because everyone's got a dog character. She's not a fursona, but I like her design. Chianai is a mutt, a combo of Eurasier, Portuguese Water Dog, Olde English Bulldogge, and Sarplaninac. Yes, I get that this mix is next to impossible- but to my credit, she doesn't have rainbow hair, saber teeth or wings. Not that there is anything wrong with those things.

Tons of Thiras, a cheeky (Jewish? Judgish?) bat-dog from over a year ago I believe, and beast things. Scribblins is all they are. I rarely drew clothes on all these Thiras because I was still working out their underlying design. I didn't want them to be full on furries, I wanted them to be more like humans with animal attributes.

More scribbles, mostly Lukos, with one Araien. The little yellow princess on the right is the disguised form of another character from the comic. Lizard was going to be for a contest, but it ended abruptly and I missed the date. The big Kesame rip-off in the center is just that; I was trying to figure out how she did fur. But then I totally copied her, and not in a good way, because its face looks tarded. It was just practice. Snake-nose up there hissing is an evil Euebed (Gehnebed), another creature I made up for the comic I was making/may still make in the future. Its basically like an angel.

Mostly Thiras, one Avielv (guy with fruity eyebrows and antenners) which is another species/race from the same comic, and two Euebed. There is a lot of creep in this dump.

More Thiras, Ore again in different forms, bunch of Euebeds, some Thalassanders (nother race from the comic, fish people.), and the primitive Hala concept, who is the "main character". He's human.

And this one is full of critters, dragon-things and Beheviat, which are dragon-like animals that roam the planet in my comic. I was trying different types of wings out to see which one was the most believable, while still being unique. 

Thats it. Thats how sloppy my sketches are. All these were done in Photoshop from start to finish. Maybe someday I'll get off my lazy tookus and set up my scanner so that I can post my traditional sketches and such. Comment are appreciated, thanks for looking.